50 Cloffice Turn A Closet Into An Office Ideas

To achieve this, add closet storage along a wall of the spare bedroom/den. It can be enclosed behind doors as a wardrobe closet for a custom armoire look, or left open if you are relatively neat about the way you hang things. This will free up the original reach-in closet in the room, making it the perfect candidate for a closet to office conversion through the implementation of a built in closet desk. To begin your closet renovation, remove the doors and any rods or shelves. A desk countertop should be installed that stretches completely across the previous closet space. An “L” shaped speed brace shoud be anchored to the wall studs every 36 inches to support the full weight of the countertop. The return wall on the closet can be removed or not — it is totally optional.

Diana Weinstein of Diana Weinstein Interior Design in Glen Ridge, N.J. Agrees, favoring Elfa from The Container Store as a cloffice hero. As your closet multi-tasks, so should your furniture in it. I hope while you are here I can inspire you to dream a little of “Homemaking” and to find what you are truly passionate about!

Step 5: Cut The Shelves And Supports

Screws through the hanging strip into the studs . Drill pilot holes to prevent the plywood from splitting.Nail the cabinet sides to the top and bottom before you drill pilot holes for the screws. The nails hold the parts in perfect alignment while you drill the holes and drive the 1-5/8-in. Learn how to turn a spare closet into a super-organized home office.

  • It could be a stack of paperwork or even saved on a laptop computer.
  • When you build an office in a closet, say hello to fold-up desks, shelving systems, hideaway chairs, and clever lighting, as you make a designated work area behind closed doors.
  • If you suddenly have multiple family members working or studying from home, office space may be limited.
  • When Taya Schnell needed a dedicated work space at her home, she decided to add an office to a spare closet.
  • But in a closet, I only need to build the top, no legs are needed.
  • Besides, I wanted to ditch the tobacco-brown 70s-era doors ASAP.

Children rarely ask to play in their parent’s closets. The space remains undisturbed for the most part. It’s not a social space where friends might drop by. All the hanging clothes provide a lot of sound dampening insulation. When you think about it in that light, the closet is the perfect place to locate your home office. Using many of the same tips outlined above, install a desktop that is at least 48 inches wide into the previous closet space. If it is to be your main work station, this is the minimum width to maintain comfort.

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It’s the perfect spot to arrange books, keeping them accessible yet off of your workspace. If a full desk won’t fit in your cloffice, try mounting a piece of plywood, medium-density fiberboard , or butcher block to the wall with brackets to create a DIY floating desk. Keep in mind that the average desk height is between 28 and 30 inches, and be sure to screw the surface into wall studs for added support. Another essential element in most closet office nooks. Although smaller fitted closets may not have room for any type of cabinet, most closet offices will have the space for at least one decent set of drawers. The most logical place for a small cabinet is under the desk. LED light strips installed beneath shelves or cabinets are a great way to illuminate your work surface without adding a visible light fixture.

  • It’s the perfect spot to arrange books, keeping them accessible yet off of your workspace.
  • On the other wall, I mounted four clipboards from the dollar section at Target.
  • “Compact is a kindly way of describing my office,” she says.
  • Measure the space between the two boards at the back of the closet.

Her space now boasts storage galore and features a sizable workstation, fashion forward accessories, and plenty of other glam touches. Any clothing fanatic is bound to fall head over heels for this setup. After I got the desk built, I needed to decide on how to paint the area. I had a bit of paint left over from our dining room and since I absolutely love the color, it was the perfect solution for my budget remodel. One of the most important parts of my office & craft room makeover was a desk.

Measure the space between the two boards at the back of the closet. Cut a 2×2 board to that measurement, add pocket holes to the ends. Secure it to the walls with the 3″ wood screws and then attach it to the side boards with pocket hole screws. For the front of the desk frame, measure the space between the front of the two side boards.

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If you closet is deeper then you will likely need to add a third support along the back edge of each small shelf, or the shelf will sag over time. Contemporary built in desk and office storage space hidden behind light wood pocket doors.

closet converted to desk

However, there are plenty of mounted desks and floating shelf options that are DIY-friendly for anyone looking to do something similar. And if, like Allard, you plan to use the space as your everyday makeup station, make sure you’ve thought of a way to get good lighting into the closet. “I was lucky enough to have an outlet in the pre-existing closet, but you could always use battery-operated lighting or an extension cord, if there’s an outlet nearby,” she says. A little bit of wallpaper can go a long way, and in the case of blogger Jessica Welling’s closet, it really made a statement. The black and white hue shines and transforms a utilitarian work from home space into an eye-catching nook. Welling made use of the closet’s existing shelf system and now uses it to store work supplies.

Smart And Stylish Ways To Carve Office Space Out Of A Closet

Trust us, if you do this, you’ll look forward to enjoying your morning coffee in here day after day. Nearly two years into the pandemic, it’s time to stop working at the kitchen table and start designing your dream office. If you’re anything like Katelyn Richardson or Kookie Jackson, all you need is an extra coat closet to make it a reality. “I would have to say that it’s much easier to do than it looks,” she says. Go for the unexpected and try an accent wall in the closet. Instagrammer Andrea Vowels added a pop of pale pink behind her desk—in the form of wallpaper—and topped off the look with a charming leopard print pillow. The primary elements of her closet office are rooted in neutrals, but these touches add a splash of femininity to the space.

closet converted to desk

If there is a used office furniture store near you, you can find a great deal on a refurbished item and save a fortune. The problem is that many WFH employees or freelancers often lack the space in their homes to set up a proper office. 15 tips for making the most of your new, compact WFH space.

Create A “home Office” Nook Anywhere In The House

I then applied wood filler and sanded to make a smooth, rounded edge. Schnell was able to bring in an electrician to have an outlet added inside the closet. This allowed her to easily connect all the computer equipment inside and not have to worry about any electrical wiring. Luckily for her, there was an outlet just outside the closet. converting a closet to an office Her husband installed a plug-in wire-framed pendant and was able to hide the cording behind the door frame. Schnell decided she wanted to keep the original closet shelf in case the family ever sold their home and could easily convert it back to a closet. You can also take more detailed measurements to decide what desk options will fit.

Not only will your closet office look organized and beautiful, so will your work. “To bring in the character of my space, I chose gold as an accessory accent color and gray because that’s the color scheme in my home,” she explains. Dry fit the plywood to make sure it fits in your closet (this is why I don’t paint the walls before installing the desk, it can scrape up the walls). With a critical eye, figure out the approximate size of the supplies you absolutely have to have in your new office. For example, if you use a lot of binders or legal-size paper, make sure the closet you’re considering can fit the width and depth of those supplies.

When making over her closet, blogger Brooke Christen used two types of wallpaper—faux shiplap and a geometric print—and lots of accent pieces to add personality to her desk area. The wicker pendant light and bistro chair look super luxe and add welcome texture to the space. Make sure your closet is deep enough to handle this task. Lots of closets are only slightly deeper than the width of a hanger. Take your binders, printer and scanner and place them on the closet floor and shut the door to make sure the shelves you install will accommodate them.

Door Or No Door

Pull a chair into your new office and pretend to work for a bit before you start your closet to office conversion. You may find that what looks perfect in theory doesn’t work at all in practice.

A plant is always a great way to brighten up your workspace. During off hours, you can even store your laptop vertically with a space-saving desktop laptop stand. I tried the stains, but I feel I am the worst with them I did the color I love but sanded it down lightly. We attached these with a brad nailer you can use wood filler to fill in any holes. After we installed it all Keith went in and taped off the brackets and painted the wood in Valspar Ultra White in a semi-gloss. He let the paint dry, then he sealed it it would easily scratch.

Closet to a walk-in with a window, these under-utilized zones are easy to transform into your own happy little cubicle. All you need is a work surface, a comfortable place to sit, and a healthy dose of inspiration. Here closet designer Lisa Adams designed a cabinet system right outside of singer/songwriter Jewel’s closet where she can relax, take care of business and yodel. This time, determine the height you’ll need for your tallest books and binders and add shelves accordingly. Then drill holes where you’ll have cords and install cord grommets.

We talked about how you can use puck lighting or decorative fixtures for your office space. The right lighting is a key factor for productivity. How do you go about fixing the lighting though?

Ideas For Turning A Spare Closet Into An Office

For a luxe touch, hang an ornate chandelier or pendant fixture to make a bold statement overhead. A practical cloffice starts with a desk or tabletop surface where you can place your computer and spread out paperwork. Begin by measuring the closet to see if your desk, printer, or filing cabinets will fit. “The foundation of the space begins with a plan,” says professional organizer Ellen Delap. If your home office is windowless and gloomy, set up shop in the sunniest room in the house. Open closet doors and find a desk that fits perfectly into the allotted space.

Why I Ditched A Wfh Desk For The floor

Today I’m sharing how to turn a closet into an office nook, including an easy hack to create custom bookshelf built-ins above the desk. Barring a floor plan with an actual home office or a shed out back, most people need to use their living space wisely. A well-equipped, organized desk can help establish focus and enhance productivity when transitioning to working from home or completing studies. Yes, a home office is a little luxury, but one you can afford even in a small space. If you don’t have a dedicated room, you can still squeeze one into your home.

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